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Based in London, Nutural World is a multi-award-winning artisan producer of high quality and exceptionally good tasting nut butters and spreads. We produce our nut butters in small batches, using traditional stone grinders. All our products are vegan, with no added sugar/syrup/sweeteners, salt, oil or artificial flavours. Our products are currently found in selected farm shops/delicatessen around the country and renowned food halls (Fortnum and Mason, Fenwick Newcastle). See our product at

Show offer

Any order received during the show gets a 10% discount. Any order of 2 cases or more gets a free jar for sampling.

New products

Nutural World, an up and coming artisan producer of nut butters and spreads, is introducing two new products at the Scotland's Speciality Food Show. The two products offer a unique twist on their existing Almond Butter, one savoury and one sweet: Smoked Almond Spread and Almond Delight, available in smooth and crunchy textures.

Smoked Almond Spread contains only roasted, hickory smoked (not smoke flavoured) almonds, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. With no other ingredients, it is the first pure smoked nut butter on the market. Due to the natural smoking process, the spread has a very strong aroma, enhanced by the pink Himalayan salt. Great as a spread, but also very useful as an ingredient for dips, marinades, dressing or other savoury dishes.

By contrast, the oriental inspired Almond Delight is a multi layer sensation experience. The nuttiness of the almonds blends with the sweet and aromatic fruitiness of the raisins, complemented by a very delicate after taste scent of rose, that continues to linger for a while. In addition to the traditional use on toast, cracker and such like, the Almond Delight would be a perfect ingredient for baking, in smoothies, porridge or enjoyed on its own.

Visit us on stand Q31 to try those nut butters - or any other in our extensive range!

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