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Shetland is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. At the very edge of the UK, it is just 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle - as far north as St Petersburg, Russia, or Anchorage, Alaska. Its unique location makes for a very special food and drink offering.

A Taste of Shetland proudly promotes Shetland’s wonderful produce to the world. It is part of Shetland Food and Drink, the membership organisation which represents Shetland’s leading producers. Our members are honoured to represent Shetland - its heritage, its identity, its independent spirit. Shetland has a purity of environment which is largely unequalled in the UK and our members are driven by this unique provenance. We are extremely proud to work together to bring Shetland’s wonderful produce to the widest possible audience and, with that, grow production for this, and future, generations.

For more information about us and our members please take a look at our website:


Lerwick Brewery

Viking Mead/Valhalla Brewery


Thule Ventus Salt Cod

Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier

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