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The Scottish Bee Company supports the threatened pollinator population through the sale of premium bee products.

New products

1. Scottish Heather Honey

The Scottish Bee Company are proud to introduce the full-bodied flavour of our 100% pure Scottish Heather Honey. Every mouthful evokes a sense of this land's unspoiled wilderness, whilst helping the bee population to thrive.

2. Scottish Blossom Honey

While our bees make this distinctive, sweet blossom honey, they play a vital role in pollinating Scotland's natural environment. Enjoy this local honey knowing you're helping the bee population to thrive.

Scottish Bee Company premium honeys are uniquely giftable, available in a presentation tube which also contains a packet of bee-friendly wildflower seeds to help support our threatened pollinator population.

They are made entirely from local ingredients and are never heated above the natural temperature of the hive in order to preserve all the good enzymes.


Blossom Honey (Unboxed)

Heather Honey (Unboxed)

Gift packaging, including bee-friendly wildflower seeds. Available for Blossom & Heather honey.

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