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At Scotia Spice we show you how to create authentic Punjabi food from scratch in your own home, through our beautifully packaged curry and recipe kits.

Our beautifully designed kits give you everything you need to make traditional Punjabi meals in your own home, from scratch. You will discover how to balance spices and flavours to create delicious aromatic dishes.

If you're an enthusiastic foodie, curry lover and or want to expand your use of spices, our kits are for you.

New products

Yasmin’s recipe kits are our latest offering. These single recipe kits are beautifully designed and packaged to complement our existing range. Each kit contains one recipe for 4 people and a homemade spice blend. All that’s needed is fresh ingredients.


Yasmns authentic Punjabi curry kits

Yasmins authentic Punjabi recipe kits

Yasmins authentic Punjabi recipe kits gift pack


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