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  • What is a reinvented food?
  • In short, it is a redesign of a food product that has remained unchanged for several generations.
  • What we do is reinvent it for the modern consumer.
  • We take the appearance, the ingredients, the packaging and make it more appealing to those who want award-winning taste, packaged right.
  • Our first reinvented food is the . We took the best of a pie and the best of a sandwich and combined them to create an award-winning taste and visual experience.

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## 1. What is it? ##

Think healthier pie met amazing sandwich. Voila! The pie'wichⓇ.

It is a novel re-interpretation of a pie and a sandwich - because it can function as either !

In short, it' s made with brioche and a pie filling. And looks stunning.

Eaten cold - it's a gourmet sandwich. Eaten warm - it's an artisan pie.

Our 30+ Great Taste/British Pie Award winning pie'wich varieties include:

Chanterelle Mushroom and Spinach (vegan), Chicken, Cranberry & Walnut, Moroccan Veggie

## 2. It's versatility enables sales as a breakfast, lunch, & dinner solution ##

A pie'wich can be any of these - a hot breakfast menu item, a cold lunch-on-the-go snack, or served as the feature item of a full hot meal on a plate.

A standard pie or sandwich does not offer this versatility.

## 3. Custom-made - just the way you need it ##

We are the only makers of the pie’wich. We can customise it to your requirements in terms of size, filling, packaging, etc. We can handle very high volumes.

About us: We call ourselves Reinvented Food. We redesign a food product that has remained unchanged for several generations. We reinvent it for the modern consumer. We have many reinventions to release in 2020 including the pie’niniⓇ.


Mediterranean Cheese with Sun-dried Tomatoes pie'wich

Moroccan Veggie pie'wich

Chicken Cranberry Walnut pie'wich

Mushroom, Spinach pie'wich

4 varieties of the 20 plus pie'wiches to choose from

Press Releases

PDF icon Find out about the origins of our unique pie'wich PDF icon How we are going to disrupt both the pie and sandwich categoriesPDF icon A list of all the award-winning pie'wiches in our portfolio

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