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Selkirk distillers produced their first gin in September 2017. Its architects, two couples from Selkirk (Jane and Allan Walker and Dave and Susan Myatt), believed that the Scottish Borders, with its rich history and wealth of natural resources, could produce high quality spirits. This was proven with the successful launch of Reiver's Gin.

The main botanical in Reiver’s Gin grows wild on the rolling lowland hills of Selkirkshire. The whin flower, known as the golden flower of Thor, is handpicked, cleaned and dried by the creators before infusing it within their gin.

Selkirk Distillers' next creation was launched in December 2017. Bannock Gin also had its base ingredient deeply rooted in Selkirk. The bannock used in the process comes from Cameron's Bakery in Selkirk, home of the original bannock. The first batch of this delightful ‘bannock in a bottle’ almost sold out in one day.

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Reiver's Gin was developed as a classic London dry gin to be enjoyed over ice, with a slice of orange. So confident in the smoothness of Reiver's Gin, the distillers believe it can be enjoyed without mixing. However, when adding a mixer the distillers believe a simple, neutral Indian tonic is the best match. The botanicals in Reiver's Gin include juniper, angelica root, grapefruit, lemon and orange peel, liquorice root and the all-important whin flower (Ulex europaeus).

Selkirk Distillers' Bannock Gin uses Reiver's Gin as its base. A traditional local fruit bread, the Selkirk Bannock, is then added and allowed to macerate for up to twelve weeks, thus creating the rich, buttery flavours of a "bannock in a bottle". Although the same ingredient combination is used to make each small batch of Bannock Gin, the uniqueness of each individual bannock bread allows the distillers to use their skill in determining when it has reached maturation of flavour and colour.

Bannock Gin has a rich golden colour reminiscent of a cask whisky, which has carried favour with many whisky drinkers. Once again the distillers would recommend drinking on ice with a slice...of lime. With the addition of ice, Bannock Gin becomes opaque in colour. Its fruity, buttery flavours give inspiration to many aspiring mixologists. When mixing a simple tall drink, ginger ale, ice and a squeeze of lime is all you need.


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