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Ice and Fire Distillery is a new start craft distillery in the Strath of latheronwheel, Caithness which is currently making gin and rum with aspirations to make vodka in the following year.
The business was founded in 2018 by two crofting families’; brother and sister Iain Black and Jacqueline Black and Stephen. The pure natural waters of the Highlands combined with handpicked botanicals, hand distilled, bottled and labelled all within a genuine crofting community signifies the provenance and romance of a truly Highland product.

New products

Crofter’s Tears
This beautifully smooth gin embodies the Highlands in both taste and looks. Resplendent in a purple heather embossed bottle, our hero signature ingredient could be none other than wild Highland heather. The purple flowers are ablaze during the month of August and we pick the purple heather flowers for this gin. The heather is blended with fresh lime peel, and orange peel in a juniper led base of botanicals. This is best served with fevertree tonic and a fresh bramble berry to bring out the unique taste of the Highlands.
Caithness Highland Gin
This is a truly Crofting cottage garden gin with our two hero signature ingredients from our croft. Rhubarb grows in every highland crofting garden and we also use salmonberries which are similar to wild raspberries. These are blended with a juniper and coriander base but with hints of liquorice in the undertones. This distinct, fruity, citrus gin makes a beautiful G & T when served with fevertree tonic, a swirl of lime peel and a fresh raspberry to bring out the fruity taste.
Caithness Raiders Rum
A deep and spicy rum from the far north shores of Caithness. Surrounded by ferocious seas and the infamous Pentland Firth with a rich heritage of viking raiders and settlers where better than to start a rum distillery.... Caithness Raiders Rum is lightly spiced with a sweet undertone of honey from our own bees. A unique and compelling rum.

Press Releases

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