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Handcrafted on the Dalmeny Estate near Edinburgh, Wermod Dry Vermouth cold-infuses 24 locally-grown and foraged herbs, roots and flowers in British wine and spirit to produce a dry, complex and harmonious aperitif, which won Gold at the 2018 World Vermouth Awards. With no added sweeteners, Wermod Dry reveals a long and balanced flavour profile: floral, citrusy, freshly herbal, with the warm bitter notes of wormwood, hyssop and yarrow.

Drunk chilled, it makes an ideal accompaniment to Scotland’s excellent seafood, shellfish and charcuterie. Mixed with tonic water or prosecco, it is a crisp and refreshing summer spritzer. And combined with one of our many excellent gins, it brings out all the botanical richness of a classic Dry Martini. At 18% ABV, and with the antioxidant properties of the herbs, Wermod Dry should keep fresh in the fridge for at least four weeks.

Wermod Dry is available in 75cl bottles at an RRP of £26.99. Orders of six or more bottles can be made through Great British Vermouth Ltd. (, or fewer through Royal Mile Whiskies
( or Woodwinters (

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