Garbanzo Snacks


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Launching Our New Range of Healthy Snack Mixes and Chickpea Butters. 

Flavourful, Functional and Full of Goodness. 

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Receive a mixed box of Garbanzo products on your first order when confirmed during the show.

New products

Flavourful, Functional and Full of Goodness.
Our snacks are bursting with natural plant based ingredients from roasted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, caramelised red onion, cashew nuts and so much more, sprinkled with our special flavours and bringing a taste from around the world.
Chickpeas and nuts all blended into a fabulous smooth butter and no added nonsense. Find your favourite from Chickpeas & Almonds, Chickpeas & Peanuts to Chickpeas & Cashew Nuts.


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