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ESC Packaging specialize in the supply of bespoke packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes. With over 40 years experience in the design, branding, sourcing and logistics of a wide variety of products. we creatively knit together each element to create a seamless unified and cohesive range of packaging for our clients. From cartons to mail order products, carrier bags to ribbon there's very few products we cannot supply. With the environmental quandary being at the forefront of our clients minds, 2020 is an exciting year to show case some new innovations with sustainability and clever use of materials at the core of most projects we undertake.

How are we different? A family business to our core, we're well aware of the importance of branding packaging that competes in a crowded marketplace while retaining a tight reign on budgets that feed straight back into bottom line profitability. We understand the pitfalls and make your business our business, taking the time to listen and learn which enables us to give the very best advice. Start your journey with us today.

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TISSUE PAPER WITH YOUR LOGO Tissue paper with your logo in any pantone colour 500mm x 700mm - 17gsm acid free MF white tissue with a 1 colour repeating logo 5000 sheets for £450+vat 10000 sheets for £700+vat --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COTTON SHOPPERS WITH YOUR DESIGN 2 SIDES 38cm x 42cm x 5oz natural cotton shoppers Printed 1 colour 2 sides Finished with a manilla tag or label sewn into the seam 1000 bags for £750.00 + vat ie 75p each + vat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUTE CARRIER BAGS 30cm x 18cm x 30cm Natural jute carrier bags of the highest grade Short cotton stuffed handles Choice of coloured side panels and colour handles Printed 1 colour 2 sides with your logo 1000 bags for £1000.00 + vat = £1.00+vat ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN OUR SEDEX AUDITTED FACTORY _________________

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Digital short run mailing cartons
Digital short run eco friendly paper carrier bags
Eco-friendly tissue paper
Compostable potato starch carrier bags
Shelf ready cartons and bags for a variety of products


Branded Tissue

Cotton carrier bags

Jute carrier bag

Bespoke Full range Packaging

Bespoke Tissue Bags & stickers

Bespoke Butchers packaging

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