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I would like to introduce a very special Scottish Gin to you.  Ellis Gin is a premium small batch gin, distilled in a micro distillery in Glasgow.  Ellis launched in Glasgow in September 2018 and is now stocked in over 50 premium bars, restaurants and specialist shops across the UK.    
Ellis has been developed for the consumer that like products that are a delight to all the senses.  Looks, tastes and smells great.  It is differentiated from other brands with its eye catching colours and unique branding.  It is currently available in three colours & flavours and two of the flavours magically change colour when tonic is added.
The interesting and mouth watering flavours are;
Ellis Gin No.2 - Scottish Bramble gin - a delicious floral gin with a touch of spiec - coloured and flavoured using Scottish Brambles - it is a vibrant red colour and when tonic is added - turns a gorgeous orange colour.  It looks fantastic in the glass and tastes lovely with a Citrus tonic or Ginger Ale garnished with a slice of orange.
Ellis Gin No.3 - Butterfly Pea - flavoured and coloured with the exotic and magic Asian botanical (Butterfly Pea) which has medicinal properties  - the gin is a luscious blue colour and when tonic is added - it turns a beautiful shade of lilac.  It tastes fantastic with an Elderflower tonic and garnished with Blueberries
Ellis Gin No.4 - Pink Shimmer Gin - flavoured and coloured using strawberries before a beautiful shimmer is added - the gin is a gorgeous baby pink colour.  It is lovely served with tonic or Lemonade and garnished with Strawberries
Ellis is 40% ABV and the bottles come as 50cl bottles.  


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We will be showcasing Ellis Gin No.1 - not currently on the market, plans are to launch in 2020.


Ellis Gin - Distinctive flavours

Ellis No.3 Butterfly Pea - Colour changing

Ellis No.2 Scottish Bramble - Fuity and Spicy

Ellis Gin Xmas Baubbles

Ellis No.4 Pink Shimmer - So Pretty and flavoursome

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