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We can trace our heritage all the way back to 1812 when sailing ships brought their precious cargoes from the New World into the port of Leith. When Andrew Melrose founded Melrose's tea company few could have imagined the worldwide trading company that would follow. In fact it was Andrew, who in 1835, was the first merchant to land tea in Britain on the Tea Clipper Isabella.

From its very beginnings the Melrose's name has been completely synonymous with quality and is one that we are honored to be associated with. Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company was formed as a management buyout from Melrose’s twenty nine years ago and we are proud that our experts continue with this fine tradition and maintain the same high standards today as Andrew Melrose insisted upon almost 200 years ago.

Today, Edinburgh Tea and Coffee have grown from being a small local roaster into a modern tea and coffee producer within spacious tailor made premises in the capital. But something that hasn’t changed is the ability of our master blenders and roasters to source the finest tea leaves and coffee beans from around the world and use traditional artisan methods to create a range of very special teas and coffees.

We are proud to carry on this heritage in Edinburgh to this day.

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