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The Dundee Gin Company has created an amazing liqueur, working with some of the best craftsmen in the whole industry we have produced an excellent scottish gin liqueur based very firmly around Dundee's industrial past, marmalade, with a fantastic flavor and deep profile, also in our range is an amazing 46% white gin.

Both products offer a choice and variant for your clients and with the current upturn in the city it is a good opportunity to get a product that is certainly very popular.
Sales and demand has seen us end up with a product in various places, such as Greece, Japan, Australia in fact all over the world, but we haven't even exported a single bottle, people just love taking it around the world.

Don't hesitate to try us, that is how you'll buy us.


Marmalade Gin Liqueur

White Gin 46%

43 Magdalen Yard Road


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