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The Company while working with some of the best craftsmen in the industry, have produced five different drinks over the companies lifespan. The first and most signature product being the Marmalade Gin liqueur based very firmly around Dundee's industrial past.

Feel free to ask for a taste, its the taste and flavour over all our other attributes of being local, using Dundonian ingredients and being a small responsive craft company that will make you and your customers want more and more.

The craft gin sector has seen a 68% growth in the last year, but it is most definitely the craft sector that is selling the fastest. Our friendly staff, will convince you with the taste alone to give us the ever so valuable shelf space in your company.

Happy tasting!


Marmalade Gin Liqueur 26.5%

White Gin 46%

Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur 26.5%

Old Tom - Honey and Spice 43%

Dundee Cake Liqueur 26.5%

43 Magdalen Yard Road


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