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The Chain Bridge Honey Farm is a flourishing family business, started by beekeeping advisor William Selby Robson in 1948.
Growing from only a few beehives to now more than 1600. These are located within a 40-mile radius of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland.
Most people who telephone the honey farm will speak to Daphne, who is now responsible for organising honey and beeswax product deliveries to about 500 shops across the world.

The enterprise at Chain Bridge Honey Farm is ‘vertically integrated’, in so far as all relevant jobs are carried out by the existing staff and this includes constructing the buildings, making the beehives (plus all the relevant parts), modifying and installing machinery, beekeeping and preparation of honey and by-products, wholesaling the products to retailers and retailing the product at Chain Bridge Honey Farm and online.

The farm currently employs 15 people including Willie and Daphne and their three children, Stephen, Heather and Frances.

New products

Wildflower Comb Honey 227g
We also understand that people are looking for ‘raw honey ‘ (we’ve had many enquiries!) and we feel comb honey is the best way to eat honey if you are looking for something ‘just the way the bees made it’. This honey is full of natural goodness and flavour!

Berwick upon Tweed

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