Braw Biltong Co.


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Braw are on a mission to make others as passionate about Biltong as we are. We want to showcase the taste and health benefits, not to mention versatility, of quality Biltong. Braw don't just want to compete with generic lowest common denominator products, we want to create a whole new "craft meat product" market.

Braw is not not just a brand name, pushing a product made by a big meat cutting plant, roughly to our specification. We believe in having full control over the quality of our product so that we know it meets our high standards.

We make Biltong in our own bespoke kitchen in Crieff, in the heart of Perthshire. Our Biltong is produced from quality cuts of Scottish Beef and we prepare our marinade from scratch using fresh spices and quality vinegar.


Proper Biltong

Pepper Biltong

Garlic Biltong

Chilli Biltong

Beer Biltong


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