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BoTree ( is a seasoning producer of 100% organic, single-source Kampot pepper varieties, Fleur de Sel, and other unique seasoning concoctions. Kampot pepper is the only PGI-rated pepper in the world and the most vibrant untapped segment in seasoning. Kampot pepper is considered the finest by chefs (including Michel Roux, Jr. and Rick Stein). Reclaimed after the Khmer Rouge regime destroyed the region's pepper crops, BoTree’s ethical farm supports the renaissance of pepper farming in Cambodia.

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BoTree has a special offer including all three varieties of BoTree's Great Taste award-winning Kampot peppers (black, red and white), as well as BoTree's fleur de sel. Each pepper pairs with certain foods and having the full set on hand ensures that a home cook or professional chef can elevate any dish. BoTree's fleur de sel is one of the finest finishing salts in the world, turning any dish into a gourmet experience. The fragile structure of sea salt blossom reveals a fine crunch in the mouth. This gift set makes for a lovely foodie gift. 90g x3 of Kampot pepper and 150g of fleur de sel, all for £35.

New products

BoTree's favourite new product is the Pepper Grinder Gift Set; including three pepper grinders filled with our red, white and black Kampot Pepper. Our pepper is lovingly grown on our family farm in Southern Cambodia and it is hotter, more aromatic, fruitier and more complex than any other pepper. The grinders are diamond-cut, spring-loaded and have ceramic mechanisms which give you a consistent grind every time and with adjustable settings you can choose your own grind coarseness. The gift set comes with a guide to seasoning perfection (, the ideal gift for a foodie for £59.


Salted Pepper Berries: the talk of the town

Herbs de Kampot: for the busy foodie

3-Pepper Gift Set: everything you need to enhance any dish

Pepper Grinder Gift Set: three grinders filled with our heavenly Kampot pepper

Black Kampot Pepper: powerful & complex

Fleur de Sel: delicate, crunchy finishing salt

Press Releases

PDF icon Good Housekeeping Magazine rave about 3 star BoTree’s Great Taste award winning Salted Pepper Berries.PDF icon BBC Good Food Magazine include stories about BoTree Seasonings.

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