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We are the first producer of Birchwater in Scotland and the UK.

Birchwater is 100% pure Birch sap, harvested for 3 weeks in mid-March by tapping Birch trees. Refreshing, crispy subtle taste with a silky texture, Birchwater is good as a revitalising and detoxing health drink, rehydrating after your sport, or great as a mixer with spirits as well as adding flavour to your cooking.

Birch leaf Tea: we harvest the birch leaves when they are still bright green and tender during spring time. Really refreshing and green infusion, good to help urinary and digestion system, but also helping to soothe sore muscles and inflammed joints added to your bath.

Chaga tincture: Called in Russia and China "the diamond of the forest", Chaga is a fungus growing on living Birch trees. It is known as an adaptogen in the body, helping to boost the immune system, balance the hormonal system, helping arthritic pain and skin problems, it is actually studied for cancer treatment research.

All our products are wild harvested by hand in the Birch woods of Perthshire.


Pure Perthshire Birchwater

Birch leaf Tea

Chaga tincture

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