Independently judged by a panel of food experts, the awards are their pick of the most innovative, well packaged and tasty products at the show.

The Best Product Awards will be judged at 9am on opening day, Sunday 20 January. The winners will be displayed from Sunday lunchtime in a special display case at the entrance to the Show so please pop by and have a look at our winners!

Our lineup of 2019 judges:

Gary Maclean - Masterchef Winner & Scotland's National Chef

Alison Niven - Gloagburn Farm Shop

Kieran Austin - Deli & Organic Manager, Roots & Fruits

Gillian Allsop - Buyer, Klondyke Garden Centres

Our 2018 Winners of the Best Product Awards:

Chilled & Frozen

Gold- Clarks Speciality Foods (P31)

Silver- Rora Dairy (LG100)

Bronze- Great Glen Charcuterie (P22)


Confectionery, Biscuits & Snacks

Gold- Braw Biltong (LG72)

Silver- Cocoa Ooze (N34)

Bronze- Your Piece Baking Company (P34)



Gold- Lussa Gin (LG92)

Silver- Summerhouse Drinks (M61)

Bronze- Pickled in Scotland (N12)


Condiments & Preserves

Gold- Isle of Skye Sea Salt (Q51)

Silver- the Very Lovely Sauce Company (N23)

Bronze- Boom Kitchen (N38)

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