Unlocking the Power of Employee-Generated Video

by John Dixon

The Brightest Bulb team deliver a very different type of presentation - demonstrating the power of employee generated video (EGV) by creating content in front of the audience on a smart phone. John and Ralph talk about the video revolution that is happening in workplaces all over the world; a revolution brought about by today’s generation of smart phones which provide everyone with the facility to shoot, edit and distribute authentic and engaging video content quickly and easily. To prove this point, John and Ralph will demonstrate how to record, edit and distribute a high-quality video on a smart phone, whilst creating a video about the event, live, in front of the audience in under forty minutes. As Ralph edits the content together, trying to ‘beat the clock’, John gives pointers on how to present to camera, how to structure and create a compelling story before finally ‘premiering’ the video and distributing it to the audience members via their smartphones.

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