TripAdvisor- What You Need to Know!

by Gillian Dick

TripAdvisor is becoming increasingly important for farm shops, tourist destinations, restaurants  and more. This seminar will give you the 'top tips' to save time and make it work better for your business! In this seminar, Gillian will give you tips on how to claim your business on TripAdvisor, the best ways to enhance your profile and rank higher, how to manage bad reviews (keep it transparent and non-personal), spotting the tell-tale signs of a malicious reviews and opportunists, how to attract new positive reviews, best practice for managing new reviews, and how your business appears to the public on TripAdvisor. By the end of this session, you will have gained a greater understanding of the review website and how it can be a strong business tool. The areas covered in this session should give you confidence to manage anything negative that comes up and not fear it.

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