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Moray Distillery Ltd are based in the old cathedral city of Elgin and will be producing small batch spirits in the heart of Speyside.

Our bespoke copper still was commissioned and made locally in Elgin by highly skilled craftsmen* who carefully shaped copper sheets into a traditional 250l copper still making our micro-distillery one of the smallest in the region. Some of the worlds best Whisky's are crafted in this region, where some of the worlds best copper-smiths made those stills. It is quite rare for stills to be made so close to their final installation site. Hand-made and hand delivered by Derek & his team. We are sure that Derek and his team will pop round to visit their hard work in action or at least sample the fruits of their hard labour! There will be a gallery to show the making of our still available shortly.

Within the craft sector, the majority of distillers have named their still and Moray Distillery Ltd are no exception. Our little still has been christened after the owner's grandmothers, Jessie-Jean, J-J (Jessie Sutherland Brown and Jean Bannerman Waters).

Although small, J-J slowly works her magic with the elements of copper and specially selected botanicals to carefully and lovingly produce the base spirit from which we collect the run known as the 'heart' to make Avva Scottish Gin.

Avva - means a respected grand-mother, a respected mother, any old or respectable woman in the Indian language of Dravidian. In Hebrew it means to overturn or ruin which links the reputation that gin had as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ from the Hogarth era.

At the heart of Elgin’s history is the iconic Cathedral. Although the stunning Cathedral is now a ruin, the stone features again are credit to highly skilled craftsmen from the area. It is in the old Cathedral city of Elgin, that our small copper still J-J combines heat, spirit and specially selected Speyside, Highland and traditional botanicals. The bottle was selected in the spring and went into production in July for delivery in August. The style was selected for its traditional apothecary look, clean lines and easy pour.

(*Speyside Copper Works, Elgin & LH Stainless, Keith)

'Avva Great Day!

Moray Distillery Ltd


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