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Each bottle of Summer Harvest - Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil starts its journey to your plate from the rich and beautiful land of Perthshire in the heart of Scotland. The soil, the water, the air and the attention to detail we provide ensures that each bottle is bursting with flavour and packed with healthy goodness. Our family have been farming these fields for over 130 years and we're proud of our heritage and delighted that we can bring a little bit of the rolling hills of Perthshire to your plate.

With our favourite chef, Wilde Thyme's Andrew Hamer, we've created some wonderful dressings and marinades using the best local ingredients we can find. Here are some of Andrew's favourite ways to use our oils and dressings - so get cooking and enjoy our Summer Harvest!

New products

Our 'Spiced Cranberry & Orange' is a seasonal special, available from October to December to celebrate Christmas left overs! Full of classic mull flavours, it really is 'Christmas in a bottle'. Available in 250ml in boxes of 9.


Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Mayonnaise & Garlic Mayonnaise

Apple & Walnut Dressing

Bramble & Juniper Dressing

Chilli & Red Pepper Dressing

Lemon & Honey Dressing

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