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Doddington Dairy is situated on our family dairy farm, nestled at the bottom of the Cheviot hills. The fresh warm milk of our cows is collected each morning before being crafted into a range of artisan cheeses. These mature on wooden shelves for several months, up to several years in some instances, at each stage being hand turned and tasted to ensure they reach optimum flavour.

We use our own milk in our Doddington Dairy yogurts, leading to refreshingly simple and clean tastes, with scottish raspberries giving the Raspberry Fruity Bottom its delicious freshness. Just like out exceptional ice creams we only use simple ingredients and real flavours, there are no gums or artificial colours here!

Doddington Dairy have won many prizes for their products and were awarded Best Food Producer at the BBC Food and Farming Awards in 2015.

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New products

We are delighted to be showcasing our 'Capability Brown' cheese at Scotland's Speciality Food Show. This cheese was developed to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the birth of arguably the most famous landscape gardener in British history, often described as the Shakespeare of gardening. This pasteurised young cheese has a natural white mould with a silky smooth textue and a mellow creamy flavour.


Doddington and Berwick Edge cheeses with cheesemaker Maggie Maxwell

Capability Brown cheese - silky & smooth with a white bloomy rind made from pasteurised milk

Darling Blue cheese - creamy & satisfying without bitterness, natural moulded rind, pasteurised

Admiral Collingwood cheese - close textured & pungent, washed in Newcastle Brown ale, unpasteurised

Doddington Dairy cheeses can be supplied as a whole cheeses or prepacked pieces

Doddington Dairy yogurt, 500ml cartons, rich and creamy

North Doddington Farm
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