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Cocoba's flagship store & chocolate café opened in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent at the end of 2013, and in September 2016, we opened our production unit in Northfleet, Kent, where we make over 150 delicious chocolate products. We have a strong retail range of
products that are sold in our store as well as wholesaled to other department stores and shops, including handmade chocolate bars and handmade hot chocolate spoons.
The concept for the chocolate brand started with a memory. Cocoba’s founder, Darren, is from Australia where he grew up sharing delicious hot chocolates with his grandfather that he carefully made, not from powder, but using real, premium chocolate. When Darren came to the UK he could not find a chocolate drink that matched the one from his childhood, and so he decided to create it. Today the same love and care his grandfather put in to his hot chocolate can be found in every one of Cocoba’s chocolate products. 
The Cocoba concept is to satisfy the nation’s love of chocolate. The guiding principles in the offering are the finest quality ingredients in everything that is sold; strong, attractive, and recognisable branding; excellent packaging, and exceptional service. The aim is always to
exceed our customer’s expectations.

New products

We have some exciting new products, including our giant jars of chocolate buttons, Cocoba designed gift tins and chocolate Christmas baubles. We also have our best-selling products, such as our salted toffee truffles and hot chocolate spoons.


Marshmallow Milk Hot Chocolate Spoon

Cocoa Dusted Salted Toffee Truffles

Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

Raspberry & Champagne Truffles

Press Release

PDF icon Cocoba's press release

Unit L4
DA11 9SR


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